The Terrible Rotten No Good Week

This week started off strange. You know when you just get a feeling that things aren’t right but you can’t put your finger on it. Well this was my week for that. I had my own problems as well. The week started off as any other week. I had troubles at work and you know(…)

I met the MAN

Last night I met J2’s man. Ok I know you prob thought I meant I met a man, nope sorry not happening today. His man, is nice and seems like a great guy. He wasn’t feeling very well last night, but he made a point to come out and meet me. Which I give him(…)

The Orange Undies and Shyness

OK, first things first. Over the weekend I was hanging out with my friends and I went without undies, I know an occasional occurrence for me. But this day it was driving me crazy. So we went to Target, and of course I’ve already mentioned they have the undies on clearance, and was going to(…)

Hot guy of the Week #1

OK here ya go. Nothing says me like hot frat boys in speedos. Or, heck for that matter str8 boys in speedos. This is a hot pic. Yeah I may not date them but I’ll post them. Ok This pic is good too. I like the beefy boy on the right better but hey. A(…)

Hot guy of the week!

OK i know I said I would post it starting Friday, well I feel down on the job. I had school stuff to do and thre major papers to do. Tomorrow I’ll post the guy tomorrow! hope you enjoy this feature! I need to get more traffic. LOL

Changes and Friends

As many of you know who are reading this blog, in the last month, there has been a bigger change in the blog and it has gotten more personal. Which I think is a good thing. I know why I do a lot of things I do, and I’m working on changing them. Which is(…)

FORE! I played a few holes last night

OK, get your mind out of the gutter, not those kind, but golf. I had my final lesson last night and we played 3 holes. Was fun. The first hole I teed off really well, knocked it str8 down the course and not quite to the fairway. But it was a nice shot. Then the(…)

Hey Remeber Me?

You know there at days when something you thought you dealt with just comes back like a freight train. Yesterday was that day, it happened while talking to J2 were talking and I won’t go into what it was about, but the conversation was pretty innocent enough, but after it was over it really got(…)

Single Ain't So Bad

Ok, I make no bones about being single, kinda like my new god, Kathy Griffin, makes no bones about her being a D list celebrity, like Kathy I have embarrassed my inner singleness. I think she rocks, but moving on. You know I’m funny, down to earth, laid back, easy going and they don’t call(…)

Underwear Ads

Most of you don’t know I have a unique collection. I collect underwear ads. Yup that’s right ads of undies. It’s no secret that I have a fetish for sexy undies (bikinis, thongs, and the like), Speedos, spandex and sports gear. So about a year ago I was bored on eBay and put in Jim(…)